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Re: RELEASED! 1998.12.31 Temptation NYE, Alexandra Palace, London, UK NEW AUDIO CONST
excellent job.

just listened to the whole thing. very polished.

much like the unfortunate non-release of the european club gig (96), and the somewhat
shortened everything everything, underworld didn't release a great live show until
the tokyo live 3cd set, which of course was limited, hard to find, and expensive at times.
of course the live here now series had it is hits and misses and was also decent too.
(but lacking somewhat in the variety and creativity).

this gig is also a good landmark gig to relive.

blowing away current setlists with improvs, and alternate versions, it's nice to hear it
again after awhile, and in great quality.

thanks for all your hard work, enjoying it greatly, and looking forward to some other
gigs remastered if possible.