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Re: Is Underworld innovative?
Originally Posted by bryantm3 View Post've got the constant theme of weather going through the album... wind, thunder, the crunching of fall leaves, etc. there's no other techno band that sounds like that.
dubno is a great album worth remastering... will it ever happen??? i'd love the get a cleaner sound with some more bass - especially on m.e. love that track!

dirty epic encapsulates this group as a whole. no other track aside from their dancefloor favourites will bring true definition - it marked their beginning and will always pinpoint the greatness to begin.

you don't need to outdo every past release... it just doesn't work. I will have to say that uw for the most part have always been an experimental output for their artistic expression and they've developed their live performance to the point that most tracks sound better live. they're performers - well, at least karl is.

as long as they keep that artistic expression in their music - they will continue to be successful. i love this band!
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