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Re: New Underworld album - Barking (Sept. 13, Sept 2 Japan)
I wish UW tried to make a pop album on their own, instead of collaborating on 8 of the 9 tracks. I respect that they wanted to make this album be full of collaborations, but that is part of the reason why I'm not too impressed with this release. I want pure, unadulterated Underworld with an UW album. But I do respect that this is what Rick and Karl wanted.

That being said, I look forward to the box set I ordered with CD 2. It'll be interesting getting more into the main album and then having an alternate version of the album to compare it to. I already know I'm going to take my favorite versions of songs from each disc and make a playlist out of it on my iPod. Of course I'll have the album proper on there to listen to, and CD 2 on there to listen to, as well.

I mentioned the songs I'm not too impressed with, but I rather like the other tracks. I do think I will like Strumpet Groove more than Bird 1. Bird 1 is for the most part good, but I do dislike the addition of those "synth plops" as someone on these boards called them.

This may end up being my least favoriite Underworld album, but I still like most of its tracks. I feel it is still a solid release from them. (I'm only counting their albums that fall in the Electronic music genre; regardless, I'd still put this above their MK I albums)