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Re: Underworld, Drum Club, Fluke @ Megadog, Rocket, London N7 - 92/93
Originally Posted by Mike View Post
I have added to the Gigography

I have added Spikee as the only known played track, since here is more than one report of it being played Was Big Mouth definitely played?
'Big Mouth' was definitely played. I walked in as it was being played.

The Kyme Road Jam Disc on the Dubo reissue is more evidence to support that this actually happened. The sprawl of that jam is very reminiscent of those early shows. Also, that Soundfield bootleg that was doing the rounds.

What's cool is that the circle completed at the RFH gig as they played 'Big Mouth' there for the first time since the first time I saw them.

(Incidentally; if the guy who me, my wife and my mate when for a drink with, after the RFH show is reading this, PM me. You got the first round in and then everyone split! We owe you a pint sometime!)
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