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Proposal: Darren Price album
Just wondering how much interest there would be in a Darren Price album containing all the tracks he's released during his touring years with Underworld. I for one would love to get it all in one bundle. A crowdfunder or something would work, right?

What would the tracklist be? These have all seen the light of day on tour between 2005 and 2009, and there are more.

Everybody Jack
Can You Feel This Bass
Morrocan Meatballs
Yard Beat
Five Foot Five
Shake That Higher
Lockin Mono
Circus Faker
This Race
D's Ablt
Hard Vibe

And I've probably missed a few that we are able to identify with a title. There were a whole bunch of others from this time that are Pricey tunes but were just interludes with no title. He says he wrote Everybody Jack in his shed in one day! To be fair, The Bang did highlight these tracks in a post a while back here

Can we identify any other tracks?
Would you buy a Darren Price album with this stuff on it?
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