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Re: Post your downloadable mixes
Originally Posted by b.miller
whenever my computer's on, you're all invited to download my mixes:

not streamable or anything though
By the looks of it; very nice mixes, i like the concepts.

However, cant you just mut all the tracks of a certain mix in a .zip file? Downloading 30 individual files isn't one of my favorite pass times.

I have 2 mixes of my self, but i am not sure if i dare post them ...

EDIT: oh why the hell not:

Please note that i am by no means a professional dj, i just mixed some tunes together because it is nice to something different with music instead of just listening it.

They are also works in progress, I already made a 80 minute-edit of Elecktro and i intend to chop both mixes up in seperate tracks, for easy listening when i'm on vacation.

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