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Re: Warehouse Project - 5th December 2019
Originally Posted by stimpee View Post
Were you at the same gig? Or maybe thats not a compliment? It was overcrowded, with terrible sound, and full if really drunken people. Makes me very skeptical of ever going to anymore WHP gigs.
I swear I'm not working on the street team for WHP or anything - I've only just found this forum, so excited for Underworld tonight!

I went to see Groove Armada at WHP last year and was VERY disappointed by the venue, the sound, the people, everything. Even the smell of damp was setting off my allergies. So this year, when I saw the lineup for WHP at the new location, I was skeptical. Booked for Underworld and also for Four Tet.

The new location is infinitely better than the last, and it has become my happy place. There's so much more room to move, each stage has a unique feel (not applicable for Underworld tonight since that's on the main stage only, but worth noting), the outdoor area with its lit seating area and food options is honestly lovely. The lights and lasers are stunning - they take over the entire main room, which gives a really awesome cascading effect as the lights flow in waves towards the back. And the sound is definitely the best club-type sound system I've ever heard. The people? Well, they're still people, but they definitely don't bother me as much as they usually do, I think because there's so much space.

I would strongly suggest you give WHP another try in its current location, preferably before the season ends on New Years Day. It is night and day difference to last year. See if you can find some decent-quality videos on YouTube or Facebook - Bicep closing their set with Glue last week was a well-filmed highlight, I think that video is on WHP's Facebook page.

Underworld will be my fourth WHP in Mayfield Depot, going again tomorrow night for Paradise, Fatboy Slim for my birthday and finally New Year's Day's closing event if I'm not dead by then.