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Re: you
a lot different. i still check her facebook but it's different now. i can see her as an imperfect person whereas before i wasn't really able to. it's bizarre how emotions work. am thinking about re-doing this poem although i don't really feel it anymore. how's this re-do?

the air between us is rife with things no one can see,
a tension where steel cables pull apart with a little twang like dental floss,
and the only thing that can hold on is that little glimmer of light that sparks and diffuses,
but never goes out,
as pioneers race against time and space
knowing that even they cannot catch that little beam of light,
still cling to the fading light of a shooting star
forever destined to sit in an abandoned parking lot,
as asphalt cracked by age and weeds
tell the tale of reunification
and the shadows begin to engulf the world into night
as your glowing taillights fade into the dim purple twilight.