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Re: While we wait for Drift Series 2...
Originally Posted by iamneorev View Post
Oh man, definitely check out the full Drift set. Lots of good extras.

01 Listen To Their No
02 Another Silent Way
03 Brussels
04 This Must Be Drum Street
05 Appleshine
06 Seven Music Drone
07 Altitude Dub
08 Border Country
09 Universe Of Can When Back
10 Dexter's Chalk
11 Pinetum
12 Dune
13 Give Me The Room
14 Roof Off
15 Imagine A Box
16 Custard Speedtalk

Total Running Time: 2:04:17
Wow cheers, will give that a listen thanks. I went out and bought the full DRIFT series 1 CD box set yesterday on a whim. Saw it for 40 in HMV and thought "Eh, why not?" and I never realised how much extra material there would be in there besides the EPs. There's a live disc, DVD (Bluray !! ) of the music videos, extended "continuums", and a booklet. Well impressed and don't know where to start haha. Something to keep me busy during this next UK lockdown anyway.