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Re: DRIFT Series 1 - New album, Nov 1, 2019
Still waiting on my boxset from the UW store (tracking says next Wed, yikes), but I'm baffled by much of the responses so far, as they seem totally on par with the options for the other UW album boxsets.

May be mis-remembering, but I thought it was only the main album that came as a digital download on the boxsets (in Mp3 and HD) and not any of the additional discs. That would be the sampler for this set.

The other boxsets also came with the glued on back sheet (as most boxsets or specialty packages have in some form). It's a way to show all the required info (tracklisting, credits, barcode, etc.) without it being a permanent part of the designed boxset shell. This seems to be a compromise made decades ago for specialty music packaging (and even collector DVD/Bluray sets).

Am totally surprised by the 24-bit only download of the extra bonus material (especially as half were already offered as Mp3s), but that's a fully workable solution as opposed to the reverse, so huge kudos for that (though it is still work to convert and tag all those).

Would say it's a mixed bag, but it's more an insanely overflowing bag that puts a smile ear to ear and is hard to get mad at the details.
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