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Re: Drift Ep. 5, Part 4 - Tree And Two Chairs (Film Edit)
Ok, I'm not sure if this is the place for this comment, but.
I'm very glad that UW is releasing challenging material. If we all loved all of it, that would signal a lack of growth or playing to the past. Each Drift episode has featured an array of styles, and speaking for myself, they're not all winners. Some take multiple listens to "get", others feel unfinished, some are bona fide crowd pleasers. But what a great time to be a fan! Choose what you love from Drift and make your own album. Take it all as is and debate the merits. Or, approach it all as demos, await the album and discard the rest.

Really, a wonderful, fruitful period for the band and us fans. I'm looking forward to the final product, but enjoying the path along the way. I have compiled my preferred record from the individual episodes, but that's just private. I'm sure Rick and Karl will surprise me. I'll accept that as their preferred record, but always have the year of releases to reconfigure.
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