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Re: Drift Ep. 5 Part 4 - Tree And Two Chairs
Originally Posted by WhiteNoise View Post
Fantastic. Love when Underworld mixes with natural instrumentation yet keeps an electronic structure and texture.

Sounds like they're taking incredibly strong cues from Floating Points, an artist I highly recommend to everyone here. He's been from strict electronic to jazz and back again with good results between - this track in particular sounds a lot like FP's King Bromeliad.

It's rough seeing Holding the Moth get slandered in here. I can't comprehend how anyone could call that song a disappointment, the arrangement and production on the back half of that track is transcendent and unlike anything. One of my favorite tracks on the album.

Calling that or this "noodling elevator nonsense" makes me want to hear the lounge music you've been listening to... must be great.
I like Floating Points, good sound quality and ideas, but to be honest I dont see the connection really.

Im with you on this one, Holding the Moth is brilliant track and I would like to see new album as mixture between Beaucoup Fish energy and intimacy of Oblivion With Bells. The tracks from Drift series have this potential.

Yeah, that elevator music comment was really not my cup of tea. I was silent on this but, the texture and composition of the track is outstanding. I strongly believe that Rick Smith is musical genius and I do not see "generic Underworld" here, like the comment went on. I can feel its Underworld, when it comes to that pad, probably Ricks favourite synth DX7, you can clearly see its Underworld and nothing else. I can say that I like this track more and more, possibly one of the best from Drift so far to be honest. But I respect the opinion of other members and the discussion here is and always was very important for me. Ok...