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2017-04-11 Sydney Opera House - REQUEST
So frikken excited about tomorrow it's ridiculous!!!

Although it's advertised as 90 minutes...would love a bit more than that (120mins... ) but thats me being greedy not being able to see Underworld as much as I used to when I lived in the UK. And 7 years is a long time between drinks.
Would be almost as good as the Shore Thing, Bondi Beach set, NYE 2008 that got extended to 2 hours.

I would love to hear Scribble tomorrow (I know this has been in recent sets) , Dark Train and would love either Dirty Epic or Mmmn Skyscraper. That would make my evening. If any of the lovely UnderworldLive people read these forums.

Would go nuts if we get Moaner or Kittens in the Opera House too. Just imagine the Opera House getting dark and filthy with a techno spanking!!

Anyway, its going to be great no matter what and I'm really looking forward to hearing the new tracks, Ova Nova, Nylon Strung and Low Burn.

Are there any other Dirts going?

Bring it on!!