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Re: 2017 THREAD Orbital are back! Whatever happens will happen again!
Originally Posted by 34958hq439-qjw9v5jq298v5j View Post
If you listen to the 8:58 record, particularly the last two songs, it definitely becomes apparent who the main composer is. Wasn't a big fan of Long Range at all.

Yeah, I like 8:58, very Orbital feel, though I felt the same for many of the Long Range tracks. Just supposed that through 25+ years, they'd have a more equal division of labor. They are brothers after all, though the reunion announcement suggests Paul was pushing Phil a lot.

I guess if you dissect it, Underworld isn't an equal partnership in that Rick does much of the production, though Karl's input on vocals, guitar and vibe is indispensable. I've read that for the Chemical Brothers, Tom is more the creative, expansive mind, whilst Ed reels it in to singles length. Other bands like FSOL, the Orb, Fluke, Crystal Method, Leftfield,...I'm guessing one of the guys took the lead. It's hard to create by committee.
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