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Re: Need for better UW clothing for fans at store?
Cheers to everyone for their input. Thankyou Lecoid for getting the thread back on track. I suppose the first logical thought everyone will come up with is to just make your own stuff. But really is homemade any good? Regarding Dubno being old, really has Underworld done anything as good design wise recently. Part of the point of fan clothing is to make it recognisable for everyone else. Now the easiest way to do that would be to just put the band logo on the clothing. Pretty boring I reckon. The most recognisable artwork they've done is obviously the designs on their album covers. And Dubno is the best one I think, Barking just dosen't compare. A Barking style shirt is not to my liking, way to colorful. I don't want to be identified as a homosexual because I am wearing a shirt with every colour of the rainbow on it. Just briefly, I did not know anything about the Adidas shoes. I think that shows that I am one of the more least knowledgable fans on this site. I only discovered their music 5 years ago.