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Re: Radiohead TKOL Remixes
radiohead did everything wrong with the release of TKOL. first, surprise release which meant an impulsive buy. then lackluster regular copies, without booklet or any extras in the packaging (odd for a radiohead release). after that were the missing newspaper edition copies - which were terribly disappointing. 300+ art pieces=a lame paper sheet composed of stamps.

don't get me started with supercollider/the butcher. i had to stalk an EMI representative for a copy, then i learnt that they re-released it. the first release was of 2000 or so copies, with label misplacement.

now, the remixes weren't that interesting (to my point of view) and they had the balls to do separate releases and then made a cd like the old EPs they used to make (making this EP similar to COM LAG in some sense).

this is making them look like they're desperate for money. at least, there are enough hardcore fans to get all the releases. i had to pass with these. not getting the remix cd too.