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Re: Drift Ep. 5, Part 4 - Tree And Two Chairs (Film Edit)
I do agree Holden. I did give it another good listen but I just don't particularly like most jazz music so I guess I'm biased against this track from the beginning. The underlyting groove and beat is fine but after about 3 minutes I just found myself skipping ahead to see if anything would happen in the track and it just didn't seem like it did. It just kind of bubbles and bleeps along with some generic jazz chords. The middle part where the pads come in is kinda nice. But then it keeps going on after that for about 5 minutes too long.
And yeah Rick may be a genius musician (obviously) but he's not neccesarily a genius jazz-improv musician. Whenever Rick does obviously jazzy stuff (like the end of Holding the Moth), to me it sounds rather generic, cheesy and unexiting.
Also, I'm rather cranky for various non-UW-related reasons at the moment so I was just in the mood for complaining
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