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Re: While we wait for Drift Series 2...
Damn nice! Sorry for my late response, been bogged down in Christmas nonsense.

I think I must've missed a few of those tracks you mentioned. I wonder if they weren't included on the EPs but were on the final collection thing (I only listened to the EPs). Will give them a listen when I can get a spare minute. (EDIT: Okay, just checked and wow, there is a wealth of songs I missed out on that weren't included on the EPs, Christmas has come twice for me this year!)

But yeah I totally agree with what you said about that live medley - would be awesome. Yeah I really like Riverrun too, keep meaning to re-listen to them all again, and yep, I agree that Drift is some of their best work.

They opened with Listen to their No at the gig I went to last winter. While I'm not a huge fan of it, it is growing on me. Everyone else at the gig seemed to love it so if you get chance to see them live at some point after lockdown, I reckon there's a very good chance they'd include it in their set.

If that playlist you mentioned is on Spotify, I wouldn't mind giving it a listen if you don't mind!