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ESCALE: Wait For the Good Light, Ep. 1

Undarrenworld and I have been collaborating via email for years to produce electronic albums. It's a long, sometimes stressful process, given the distance, means of communicating, revisions and decisions.

Inspired by Underworld's year-long "Drift" series, we're going to reset and rebrand as "Escale" to begin an ambitious project & journey of releasing new tracks every month on or around the 29th, called "The Good Light".

Some episodes and tracks may be thematically linked, others more like demos or experiments. The episodes will conclude with a compiled sampler of the tracks. The original idea of how to create a collaborative album has been changed to something more challenging, longer and more enjoyable, some pressure to release each month, but no limits on when and how the album "Wait For the Good Light", the final product, will appear. These two tracks are the start of the journey, the first Escale.

Escale- the Good Light, ep. 1

01. Wait for the Good Light
02. Subject Response

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