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Default Re: Oblivion With Bells Tour mixes

Originally Posted by Billy Goat View Post
I've updated (and I think I've improved) a couple of the mixes I did last year. The main changes are parts 1 & 3 and I've changed the end of Jumbo on part 5 as I was never happy with it! I've also added the "mellow" mix I was planning to do. I've also split all the mixes into individual tracks. If you liked the original mixes I hope you'll like the improvements I've made. The new link is:

Please let me know what you think, I'd be grateful for any feedback!
You absolute bastard. I am literally in the process of splitting your original mixes into individual tracks and burning them onto CDs. As I type this. The first 3 mixes (as in, two of the three you just made changes to!!!) were just burned and I just finished splitting the fourth.

I am not moving with brilliant timing.

In all seriousness though, thank you for putting these together though. Have really enjoyed listening to them and having them compiled instead of spread across 12 odd shows. No complaints with the mixing either, even with the older versions.
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