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Re: Beaucoup Fish - 4 CD Remastered Deluxe Box Set (8/25/2017)
Originally Posted by joethelion View Post
It's anybody's guess as to why "Five Points" wasn't included... I mean, if they actually do release a deluxe edition of "Everything Everything" there's a slim chance a live version might be included?

I'm still hoping that it might show up on the deluxe edition of AHDO (again - that is if they're making one - do we know if they're making special editions of every album?) ... as I think there's some of "Two Months Off"'s DNA in that track
I'm happy to buy as much Underworld material as they can release. If they did continue with EE and AHDO then by the time they got to Barking, that record would be over ten years old and suitable for a special edition.