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Re: Beaucoup Fish - 4 CD Remastered Deluxe Box Set (8/25/2017)
ok third post in a row, but ending on a positive note:

after taking the BF box in full i understand and even appreciate a little having 2 discs of remixes. something still nags at the back of my head as to why more underworld material couldn't have made it, but the remixes are a distinct part of BF as a snapshot of the band in that time. they aren't photobombing it, they're part of the ethic. if you followed them, they bring back different but related memories (i only bought the singles box set to get at "Please Help Me", but ended up listening to some of the remixes for a time).

so fine, fine.

i'm happy with the outtakes (especially nifter) and my faves from that blend nicely into my big BF playlist.