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Re: Beaucoup Fish - 4 CD Remastered Deluxe Box Set (8/25/2017)
Originally Posted by BishBash View Post
Maybe they used a youtube ripper on this upload (seriously, take a listen below circa 3.10 to the surface noise and compare the pops/clicks to what you've just bought. The "double click" at 3.21 Thoughts?):
Yeah, I agree. Not that YouTube specifically (it was only uploaded at the end of May, after all), but the same MP3 source for that YouTube upload, which is probably a commonly circulating MP3 of the track.

Maybe only V2 (or the original producers) has the masters of those Italian remixes, and UW don't have a copy of the Italian CD either? Several of us would've been happy to lend CD rips, though, if only they'd asked.