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Re: 2017 THREAD Orbital are back! Whatever happens will happen again!
I was just digging through their back catalog and revisiting Paul Hartnoll's "8:58" project (which wasn't half bad) when this news hit.

First thought - these guys need money. Why split in 2004, reunite in 2009, split in 2014 (though i guess estrangement started in 2012), reunite again in 2017 if not for cash? Well, sounds like they had personal issues to work through and want to keep it going. If the music's good, that's all i care about and will part with more cash to support 'em.

The updated Kinetic remix isn't doing much for me, other than the nice nostalgic feeling that Orbital are back together and it's a fine track to begin with.

2012's "Wonky" was pretty decent, imo, at least as good as "Middle of Nowhere" and much better than "Blue" and certainly "The Altogether".
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