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Re: Underworld Recordings
Originally Posted by jetpig View Post
the LHN discs are proper releases, we won't touch that material. Bumping also in hopes someone who has all the stuff I uploaded from the FTP can reseed it.

I was just looking for the cover art and was wondering if anyone did any proper scans of them. Sharing cover art shouldn't be an issue.

Originally Posted by TheBang View Post
AFAIK, there were never any digital copies of the covers released, so the best you can do is scans from the releases.

Actually, I did find this graphic that I grabbed from the old Tomato site, but the covers are really small.

Also, some of the raw art is available on John Warwicker's site:

But it doesn't have the titles or any text.

Thanks for this. Sadly, the artwork size is still pretty small. I always try to find the largest, highest quality artwork possible to include in my album folder. Most of the ones I found are crumby Discogs scans. I did go into his site's page source and grabbed all the UW artwork. Cheers for showing me this.

I found the site page, but it seems they're just using the Discogs scans...

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