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Re: Well, I really have nothing importants to say...
Damn. Only just read this.

I don't look in on here much these days. Even when I did visit, I seldom ventured further than the World forum (yeah - glad we succeeded in fixing everything) and I wasn't a particularly prominent dirt, so what I'm saying is, this comes prefixed with a great big "For what it's worth".

I actually thought of you last month. I switched from Android to iPhone and very quickly found myself tearing my hair out with iTunes wondering why the fuck non-cloud file transfer had to be so limited and clunky. And what came back into my mind? Probably a good 6 years since our last conversation? A flashback to that chap from dirty called 'bas' who was always trying to spread the message about how useless 'Crapple' was. And perhaps I should have listened to him.

Well I still ended up with an iPhone, but your comments did make enough of an impact to lodge in my memory. As did your position on Israel. (That shit will continue right up until the earth is swallowed by the Sun.) I won't pretend to have remembered much beyond that - but given that you and I were such infrequent conversationalists with each other and it was a fair old time ago, it's clear that your opinions and advice (even when delivered with 100% premium snark!) were never forgotten. Perhaps that's all any of us can ever really hope for - to be memorable.

Fuck iTunes. And fuck cancer.

I'm glad you've reached a level of acceptance following your diagnosis. I wish you maximum comfort and maximum love from all those who matter most in your life. Take care.