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Re: DRIFT Series 1 - New album, Nov 1, 2019
Finally got my boxset and divers into the text commentary while listening to the discs. I don't have anything to add about the music itself at the moment, but their thoughts on the music are very interesting and create complicated thoughts for me. I need to dwell on it further to really articulate this well. Very crudely and broadly, I think the result of Rick and Karl so explicitly explaining what it is about their work that interests them is the realization that what they like and what we (or at least I) like about Underworld are not really the same thing. Indeed, the guys seem disdainful and even hostile towards the limitations that IMO have actually resulted in their best work.

(Mind you, I'm a comic book editor. It's my job and nature to impose limitations upon artists, with a view to creating something cohesive, digestible and lasting.)

So yeah, complex feelings about this new understanding of their creative worlds.