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Re: DRIFT Series 1 - New album, Nov 1, 2019
the band have said on social media, emails etc they wanted to know fans thoughts. As I don't do facebook/twitter etc, here's a crucial bit of thinking I have had over the past week whilst reading the book, playing some of the discs, and anticipating the gig tomorrow. I'm inspired by the discussion about halfway through the book where everyone talks about the shifting the focus, via the project, away from the traditional record an album, release a lead single, then big event with the album (that quickly dies away after 3 weeks in most cases), and also the analogy of the series to tv series, which people (like Rick) come to sometimes years after the first series/pilot.
Rick talks about how the wow moments are unlikely to be the big expected ones, but are frequently found in unexpected times, places and situations.

my experience has been from the beginning, and I've religiously awaited every thursday and an email. I've then delighted in hearing something I've never heard before, and experienced the accompanying media. I engage with the track a lot for the week, and as releases pass, I relisten to prevous weeks releases, seeing a bigger whole, so in many ways I have new experiences all the way through the project.

but equally i know there is a collection of the project coming. and when this happens, I have all sorts of new experiences with hearing the music differently. My stereo is so superior to the pc speakers, so I hear so much that is new in these tunes. I therefore get to have brand new forms of engagement with each track, and each episode. wow!

not only that, but the box also has the equivalent of a full albums worth of other, previously unheard portions of the same project. WoW!

I also have this physical product, and as referenced in the artists discussion, I truly love the product. I don't mind streaming/digital, but the physical wins for me everytime. On this occasion, we're properly spoiled! the book, and the extensive notes are a phenomenal companion. again, wow!

So my interpretation (probably wrong, but hey ho) is that as artists, the band wanted to move away from the big wow moment. An unintended consequence, has been me experiencing a phenomenal ongoing series of wows, still happening now. every week for a year, and then repeatedly for the month I've had the box, almost daily I've had another wow. I know I'll have several wow moments tomorrow night when seeing the live version.

Genuinely, my re-istening to all 6 discs has been a delight. There isn't a single track I don't like. Some, heard in isolation didn't move me at first go, and these would'v e been listened to less frequently across the year, but they'd still have been there. With the box/discs, hearing sounds in the whole, I've really loved some tracks that didn't grab me before. This project has helped me engage in self reflection.

The version of appleshine continuum in the box is for me a vastly different track. I think the weekly release is just my favourite, but it is close. That's one amazing piece of music.

we know from the barking credits they sometimes view the forum, so perhaps they might see this.

one query, in the credits there aren't any references to altitude dub continuum are there? or is that me?