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Re: DRIFT Series 1 - New album, Nov 1, 2019
Originally Posted by TheBang View Post
Not all copies were signed. After they sold out of the signed ones, they continued to sell the regular box set (not signed). When did you order? I think the signed ones sold out within the first 2-3 weeks. Also, look at your original order confirmation e-mail. It should say "signed & numbered". If it doesn't, then you ordered too late. If it does say "signed & numbered", and you got that, then they didn't send you the right one.

I've removed the pic now. Hopefully, he already redeemed it.
Ah thatís fair. I ordered in July sometime so signed ones must have been sold out. Bought the tshirt bundle. And the code was redeemed on my account a while back so should be of no use to anyone else. 😀