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Re: DRIFT SONGS - New album, Oct 25, 2019
Originally Posted by TheBang View Post
It's possible there might be 6 EPs. Just looking at the calendar, I'm not sure how they could stretch 2 EPs all the way to the end. Here's how I see it with 3 more EPs (with 5 tracks each):

well, if you look at the preorder page:

"This all-encompassing box-set features the music, visuals and text pieces released throughout the entire 52-week DRIFT Series, across 6 CDs including the DRIFT SONGS album, 1 Blu-ray Disc and art-book."

that seems to confirm it's 5. I'm curious as to how they'll fit #2 on one CD. I suspect they could edit "Appleshine Continuum" down but who wants that?