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Finally recorded a proper, final version of my fan fiction version of Drift. It's not just my favorite tracks stuffed into a CD-length running order, but a painstaking assemblage of what sounds, to me, like a traditional Underworld album with a beginning, middle, and end.

To that end, most of the songs are segued into each other or otherwise edited in some way, most especially track 3 which is a (I hope) more or less seamless mashup of several tracks, in the tradition of Juanita/Kiteless/To Dream of Love; it just made sense to me this way. I also made this album art using imagery from Simon Taylor's Drift videos and the font he used.

Hope you guys will give this a listen! Streaming and download links at :

01. Universe Of Can When Back
02. Listen To Their No
03. Give Me The Room / Mile Bush Pride / Another Silent Way / Drift Poem
04. S T A R
05. Dune
06. Custard Speedtalk
07. Appleshine (All The Lights)
08. Seven Drone Music
09. Brilliant Yes That Would Be / Low Between Zebras
10. Border Country
11. Toluca Stars