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Re: British muslims protest Bin ladens death
Well, yes it is statistically a small amount of people, I am not ignorant enough to believe that all muslims are horrible people. I am not ignorant enough to believe that half of all muslims are bad. I am not ignoratn enough to believe that even 15% percent are bad. But I am intelligent enough to believe (and admit) that even though the number of muslims which act in a ill manner are statistically minute, it still equals a significant amount of people. Also, even if the amount of muslims which actually kidnap people and cut their heads off is small, there are much more people that support their ideology. If that were not so, then tehy would have been marginalized a long time ago. Instead, they are popular enough, and are able to get the funding, to continue to drag out two wars against the most powerful Nations on earth. Obviously, are marginalized group would not be able to do that.

Imagine some crack pot group of christian zealots waging war for 10 years against the combined power of the United States and England, et al....that would not happen, because these morons could neither get the finding nor popular support to do it. They'd be wiped out in days, if not hours. But, the muslims you people hold so dear and say have only minimal support, are able to wage war against the most powerful nations on earth, for what, 10 years now? Be honest, could a group of religious zealots do this if they did not have widespread support, politically and financially.
actually you make a good point, here. this is actually what i thought before i went to a convention a couple of years ago in dunwoody georgia of political scientists and economists that study terror groups and gangs across the globe.

i was under the impression that al qaeda is an expensive organization to run, but it turns out that's not really true: they only need (and i'm ballparking here, i don't remember the exact number but it was surprisingly low) $15,000 USD to keep their organization running. and once you think about it, it actually becomes quite obvious that they would not need a lot of money. although you state that they are waging war, that isn't really accurate— we aren't in constant combat with them, which would make them continuously need weapons and ammunition to the degree that a country would. the only time they come out of their rathole in pakistan/afghanistan is to commit a terrorist attack on a foreign country— they maybe do this 1-2 times a year and it takes a lot of planning for them to carry this out, because they bypass the rules of war and sneak in to kill innocent people. how much do you think it costs to have a few guys fly in planes around the US to examine existing security protocol? the price of a plane ticket.

that's what was so fucked up, we were going about our daily lives and relying on the golden rule for the airlines, for the most part. there wasn't any need to strip search everyone. they took our leniency and kindness and exploited it. it didn't cost them much at all— all they had to do was get the guys on the planes. that's what's so scary about them— they don't need any money at all to commit such terrorist attacks. the london, madrid bombings, weren't committed with complex machinery or nuclear material, they were things like pipe bombs and hand made explosives that you can make fairly inexpensively.

and then afterwards, they go back into another country with tons of caves and hideouts and it's impossible to find them *because* there are so few of them and *because* they don't exchange a lot of money.

the thing that got them so enabled to operate was the internet in the late 1990s. completely anonymous, cheap communication through e-mail accounts and non-ip-based file sharing for more heinous materials. it instantly connected them so they were able to carry out acts like this and communicate quickly with each other while the attacks were being carried out.

this is versus a gang, such as the triads or the yakuza who make their living off of crime— their goal is a lot of money and they make it any way they can. al qaeda doesn't operate like this— they don't want money, they just want you dead. the fact that they have that kind of motivation makes them an extremely dangerous and effective organization, because unlike an economic venture, where you can always get out, they have their "religion" (or so they believe) at stake, which gives them the kind of commitment that you don't even find with political movements. it's not money or funding that makes them dangerous— it's their mindset.