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Re: Dutch on verge of getting most right wing government in the EU, in dutch history
Originally Posted by Deckard View Post
It would seem so, given statements like this...

Are you actually reading what I'm writing?
Emulating in what way?
Which middle eastern country?
Its a pretty straightforward statement.

Originally Posted by Deckard View Post

Both, depending on what you ask.

Nationally, British.
Ethnically, Pakistani, unless they're mixed race.
Culturally... a bit of both.
Its a pretty straightforward question. If people choose to immigrate to a new country and become part of that society then they should consider themselves a national of that country. Think about the civil war in Yogoslavia. The Serbs considered themselves SERB and Christian. The Bosnians Identified themselves as Bosnian and Muslim. They were all Yugoslavian. Can I make it any more clearer for you.

Do you consider yourself to be "British"? if so, why? Could it be because you live in Britain?

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I'm guessing you'll be uncomfortable with that response, that it won't satisfy your craving for a straightforward, unambiguous, "with-us-or-against-us" single word answer. You may even think I'm wriggling out of the question. I'm not; it's what I genuinely observe to be the case. Not everyone feels a need to structure their identity according to one side or the other.

Im not asking you to be with or against anyone. I am merely asking for a strightforward response to straightforward questions. You have a sneaky way about you in regards to actually answering questions.

Originally Posted by Deckard View Post

I'm an Englishman living in Wales. If anyone asks me a stupid question like "what do you consider yourself" (it's stupid because what does it actually mean?) then I'll answer that I consider myself both English and Welsh. If that complexity makes their brain shortcircuit, then that's just too bad. They can always go recover by watching John Wayne shoot some Indians and Arnie punch some Middle Eastern terrorists.

What does it actually mean? It means exactly how it sounds. Are you British or not? wales is a state of Great Britain. You may be Welsh, but you are still British, unless of course you do not consider yourself British.
Do you believe that is air you are breathing?