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Re: The Dream: Complete Underworld Collection
Originally Posted by Techno_Bunny
how long did it take you to gather this collection?
I have a nice collection myself, a lot of it came from ebay. And it took me years to collect what i have. You can find a lot of Underworldbeauties on ebay for often only a few dollars or less, and at least it's legal.
This is the official fansite you know, we are supporting Underworld, not stealing from them.
It was easy to find their newer stuff in stores, but the rest was Amazon or Ebay. The first time I had heard of Underworld was on the radio, back when one of the radio stations played live from whatever club they used to be at on Saturday nights. The song was Born Slippy (Nuxx), of course. That was about 1999, give or take.

First CD I picked up was Everything, Everything sometime in 2000-01. I hated it and didn't listen to it again until I found it in my room later that year, popped it in again, and fell in love with it. I need to buy a new copy, since it skips now.