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Re: 2009-07-05 Love Family Park - Frankfurt, Germany
Originally Posted by SappysCurry View Post
Is it just me or is that an insane setlist that was wasted on a crowd that just didn't seem to care?
My sentiments exactly. I was dancing in the back and thinking, "Wtf is wrong with these lazy slackers???" Oddly enough, Karl very much enjoyed the day, gathering from his diary.
Originally Posted by SappysCurry View Post
The boys are blowing the place up, and that crowd looks like they're just waiting around for Magda to get on the decks. It just seems like a miserable gig.
Well, it wasn't that bad. Band and audience just didn't seem to fully connect. But then, the crowd was rather restrictive at Sven's killer set which directly followed UW. Maybe it was just too damn hot...