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Rupert Hine - the Deep End
Can we discuss this album a bit? I don't think I've read anything about Rick & Karl working on this album

Plus, I mean... Underworld don't collaborate all that much with other people (and most of them have been post 2000)

If you didn't know - "Considerable production input was donated by Rick Smith and Karl Hyde from Underworld"

(Rick & Karl appear on several tracks and UW are credited with arranging two songs)

I managed to find mp3 of this album a bit ago, but never really got around to listening until recently. According to discogs, it was only released in Germany

When was the album actually recorded? It was released in '94, but to me... it actually sounds like a weird middle ground between UWMK1 and early MK2/Lemon Interrupt

(In all honesty, when I saw the release date ... I was hoping that it would have sounded like a 'missing link' between "Dubno..." and "Second Toughest..." - but not so much luck)

Although the backing track to "Midnight Business" vaguely reminds me of "Ancient Fat Farm Coat"

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