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Personalized Drift Album
"It's not meant to be an album"
"Why do this if UW have already given us their own version"
"isn't this kind of disrespectful?"
"let some time pass for us to digest the object as intended, for pete's sake"
"You know that UW might know far better than us on how an album, such as it is, would be structured out of this, right?"

all of these imaginary critiques that i just came up with are LIES. a 40-track monster was dropped in our lap, we all have broadly different opinions on it, and i know you over-particular little goblins have made your own private album of the whole affair just as i have. i want to see it and, if we're feeling jovial, we can even try out each other's versions!

for my own part, i did try to side-step the personal playlist best-of trap and tried to come up with a plausible underworld album in structure and momentum, even including songs that weren't faves and more in line with that you'd expect from UW. I ended up compromising by stuffing it a bit and maybe having more heavy-hitters than usual but it's gotta be mine somewhere. Plus the closer i got to what seemed right, the more i relied on the sampler versions. it was a weird little journey that looked back a lot and considered previous albums in a much more analytical way than i usually do.


Another Silent Way / Drift Poem / Better Than Diamonds
Listen to Their No (Sampler Version)
Border Country (Sampler Version)
Mile Bush Pride (Sampler Version)
Soniamode (Aditya Game Version)
Toluca Stars
This Must Be Drum Street (Final Version)
Big Bear
Seven Drone Music
Low Between Zebras

--and if we want to get Japanese 2CD version about it--

Pinetum (Final Version)
Universe of Can When Back (2018 version)
Dexters Chalk (2018 version)
Roof Off
Do Breakers Trip
Two Arrows
Schiphol Test (Sampler Version)
Brilliant Yes That Would Be (Sampler Version)
S T A R (Rebel Tech)
Imagine A Box

and that's it! curious to see if anyone test drives this or has something similar to mine, but mainly intrigued as to how others have done it for themselves

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