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Re: Headphones, any suggestions?
Originally Posted by Caprice View Post
but as for using with my ipod or even my record player they are lacking, they're just not loud enough to use for "personal" headphones.
the issue there isn't with the headphones, it's the player that it's connected to. some headphones require more "juice" to drive the sound, and unfortunately ipods/portable players don't deliver that amount. you can either just get a headphone amp and keep the headphones you have, or get headphones that can easily be "driven" by the portable player.

i was fortunate enough to have a coworker years ago who was a musician/audiophile (this was around the 1st or 2nd gen ipod era), i was thinking of getting newer headphones when he suggested i try a headphone amp and let me borrow his for the day. the difference is night and day.