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Originally Posted by King of Snake View Post
negative-1, you must be joking right?

also to : patrick

ratatouille - weak story and plot about a rat being a chef?
typical romance storyline... and the locale being
in paris seemed cliche.

yes, there was some nice visuals, but overall it
didn't have the impact on me that 'toy story' and 'cars' did..

wall-e - a very heavy handed story with a political agenda.

i didn't like the main characters or any of the supporting
characters either... yes, i like robots. yes i like sci-fi, so
that was ok...

no, the weak 'romantic' element didn't grip me either, it
was pretty stereotypical, and didn't resonate with me at

again, the visuals were a step up, but the humor, and
storyline didn't appeal to me at all

up - again, a weak storyline about a man and boy trying to get
to a location? talking dogs? at least there wasn't a
cliched romance involved in it..

and to top it off, the visuals didn't really match their
previous quality either.

look, i'm a big fan of computer animation, and i try to see EVERY single
2d/3d animated film that comes out, some resonate with me more than

toy story because it was first and novel to me, and the story was awesome.
cars, because my favorite toys as a child were cars, and seeing
them come to life really hit home with me about how much i loved
playing with them and them having personalities... also i could relate
to a lot of the characters in 'cars'..

i couldn't relate or find anything humorous or common in any of the
other films i mentioned..

yes, i'm sure many people enjoyed them, and the stories were satisfying
from your viewpoint, but to me them seemed rather vacous, or heavy-handed messages..

be seeing you