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Re: Drift Ep. 4, Part 6 - Border Country
Originally Posted by Cadevil View Post
Of the 3 Phase tracks, I put Give Me the Room tops, but I would guess that Border Country has the most mainstream appeal.

The Phase songs are really interesting collaborations...I feel like it gives the Underworld sound an element of "danger"--maybe dare I say "emerson"-ish sounds.

shhh, you'll jinx it.

Give Me The Room really soured on me over time. i think it's one of the weakest karl selections of the bunch. "Sanctify" is... not an interesting thing to navel-gaze 50x over about.

Originally Posted by valentingalea View Post
I for one I'm gutted that this made it on the Sampler vinyl release but not Dexter's Chalk which is imho one of their strongest tracks in like ever!
Although I really like DC.... it has both the best and worst of the lyrics! making "a ring, a pinky... if you break the bargain then you go to hell" sound all intense and dark like that, it's nonsense