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Re: old tracks
Awesome, thanks a lot - I believe I have some of the stuff you're looking for ...

Phonestrap / Autotrader was sold as a six-track bundle at UWlive. Been unavailable for a long time.

And there were alternate version for all of Barking
Strumpet Groove 7:10
Always Loved a Film (Lemonworld Mix) 7:24
You Do Scribble 8:04
Hamburg Hotel Essex 3:21
Grace (Telematic Peal Mix) 7:37
Between Stars (Lemonworld Mix) 4:55
Diamond Jigsaw (Demo Mix) 3:51
Moon in Water" (Lemonworld Mix) 5:53
Louisiana (Jumping the Cran) 2:05

And also a promo with instrumental versions

There was also this version of Telematic Peal on the 2008-06-11 show
And another one on the 2008-04-23 show

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