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oi! newcastle made 10 changes last night as well, so button that bollocks! 1st team to score there in 6 months. 1st team to beat them in 90 mins of cup football under father abramovich (1993, pop-pickers)

and to infer that lollerpool won't be fucking mortified this morning is just plain wrong...
Of course Lollerpool are mortified. A loss is still a loss. To Northampton. Even if it was on penalties and they hit the post/bar with their missed pen. Close but no cigar. Its a shame that the League Cup has become what it has.

But youre right, its still Chelsea, its still the senior squad, its still managed by Ancelotti, and it was 90mins of football. Not extra time or penalties. So hats off to the Toon.

If SWFC hadve beaten sCUNThorpe we would have been getting OUR asses handed to us on a plate by Man Utd instead. At least we would have been on the telly...
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