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Re: Possible Riverrun Boxset?
Originally Posted by bestmatti View Post
I hope to god there's a box set for riverrun . Even a double cd, " I'm a big sister" is probably my favourite piece of music by underworld or anyone else. How on earth could that not have a physical release?
Hello mate, I'm new to this site but been an Underworld fan since the early 90s without really delving majorly into every single release. However after upgrading my Underworld CDs to the Super Deluxe issues & discovering some great, new 'old' tracks I'd never heard before I have been trawling the net to add more recordings to my collection. Yesterday I heard the track 'Peach Tree' from the Riverrun series for the first time. I Absolutely love the track, even more so the new version with the guitar running through it thats on youtube (from an 2007 Underworld v Misterons Radio show). Obviously I couldn't find either version of the track anywhere other than on a rather expensive Japanese only CD single. I Agree it is strange that such a large body of work which seems to be highly regarded by fans is not readily available to buy especially at a time when many people are sitting at home looking on the net for something to spend their money on. I'd of thought Underworld would have their own download site for their extensive body of work, much of which has never been released.