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Re: DRIFT Series 1 - New album, Nov 1, 2019
Originally Posted by Dino3D View Post
I'm so fed up now! Months ago I ordered the box from my local indie shop, and today he told me that it will barely arrive. And now all the webshops has sold out the box. I fucked up so much to not pre-ordering it from the OS.
Guys, do you have some idea where to buy the boxset now?
Yeah, after looking around a bit, it looks like it's out of stock at all the distributors. I think that might mean that it is out of print now.

And because most record stores only special order box sets like this, you'll be hard pressed to find one at retail unless a store actually ordered some shelf copies AND has them listed online. No one's even selling them secondhand, except for one exorbitant listing on Amazon.

I did a lot of looking and did find one place that has a couple copies left at retail:

Unfortunately for you, Dino3D, their FAQ says they don't ship outside the US. Anyone in the US who wants a copy should jump on it.