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Re: The Prize Part 7 of 8
Originally Posted by big screen satellite View Post
yes, most of Karl's letters at this time were written in one go covering a large period of time...

but he refers to this coming out in early 1993, so i suspect it was produced around mid 1992.

as much as i have only scanned these two episodes myself, the music is NOT that heavily used and is really only snippets of stuff here and there...

the documentary is considered a great viewing if you are interested in the corruption of the oil industry - it rates at 8.6 on IMDb as a Documentary which is really good - well worth watching in its entirety if you have the inclination or time!

however its a lot of talking and not much music, but there are noticeable UW sounds used in spots throughout the more industrial and 'skyscrapery' shots... seems they used different musical influences to add to the different era's and UW was only used as the series entered the late 80's and 90's Gulf war relevance to Oil. At the time it was probably a good fit with the UW soundscapes.

anyway, its history...and worth adding - i'll put it in the UW archival book when i get round to knocking it together....
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