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Re: British muslims protest Bin ladens death
Originally Posted by Deckard View Post
Who of us here holds dear those particular Muslims?

Oh I see... at this point, you're back to talking about all Muslims in a very general sense, are you?

Tell me, what use is that?

I guess this falls into the 50% of your purpose here that's classed as "getting everyone going", right?

(I wonder if that's what the BNP, the tea party and all the far right groups are doing when they do the same and casually switch the focus between Muslims in general and extremist Muslims in particular without making an explicit distinction? Maybe they're all just injecting a bit of life into the debate too, eh?)
yeah, I admit I chose the wrong wording there, no one here has openly been supportive of "those" particular muslims. Just supportive to muslims in general.
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