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Re: British muslims protest Bin ladens death
Originally Posted by jOHN rODRIGUEZ View Post
Yeah, I mean, the same could said about White Conservatives. That just ain't right.
yeah, because white conservative hijack passenger jets and fly them into buildings, they also kidnap journalists and film themselves cutting their heads off, oh and white conservatives yell "god is great" before they blow themselves up while in the middle of a crowd. Oh, I'm sorry, did I mean to say muslims did all those things? Yeah.

I find it hysterical that most who browse this board will go out of their way to be try to PC.

SOme, like the poster above me even equates MUSLIMS terrorists with "white conservatives" lol. How can you even take an opinion like that seriously.

I find it hilarious that sometimes religious christians are mocked by liberals and made fun of generally, but generally, the muslim religion in 10x as strict on most things religion bleeds into the everyday life of most muslims, but liberals give them a pass. Its as if liberals will be on the side of whomever is perceived to be the victim.

Its pretty sad that even the of the biggest liberals even talks about muslims

Do you believe that is air you are breathing?