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Re: Dutch on verge of getting most right wing government in the EU, in dutch history
Originally Posted by Deckard View Post
He was on CNN? Oh he must be mainstream then. He's obviously not some attention-seeking extremist at all, but rather is a decent enough representative of UK Muslims. And even if he's only representative of a small number of UK Muslims, that still justifies the conflation of Muslims and extremist Muslims doesn't it? Yes. You're quite right.

Really? And there's me writing in this thread that it takes millions to cause a problem. I feel so stupid having written that in my invisible pixels.

Please do, because it's not like you're just going to follow up with LA-LA-LA-I'M-NOT-LISTENING, is it?

To piss off the natives.

Yes of course. And it doesn't matter if they're extremists and want to kill us. We should let them in. Everyone. All 7 billion.

No. Native people must always be silent on such things. After all, it is Allah's will that by being native, native people relinquish all rights. Native men must be forced to wear a burqa - and native women must grin in a highly bearded and slightly menacing way. Or possibly vice versa, depending on what the immigrants decree.

In summary: to complain about immigration is racist, there is no problem of Islamic extremism, and democracy, liberalism and secularism can be disposed of along with the week's recycling.

Now, if you'll just process this post for me, passing it through that unique brain filter of yours, hopefully...
Ah, the actual moment of realizing that employing logic and reason with someone is futile. Frustrating as hell for you I'm sure, but it certainly makes for an entertaining read.

I've discovered a frightening group of folks here in the United States (and probably abroad as well, but I'm only referring to the Americans here) that absolutely refuse to hear any argument, no matter how well-reasoned and supported by facts, that acknowledges the glaring inappropriateness of painting all Muslims with the same brush. They simply won't accept that it's attitudes like theirs that have led to the recent rash of violence against American Muslims, vandalism against Islamic buildings in America, the wildly off base furor over the so-called "Ground Zero Mosque", and even historical events like Japanese internment camps during WWII. It's one of the more shameful trends I've ever been witness to here in the States.
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