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Re: Dutch on verge of getting most right wing government in the EU, in dutch history
Originally Posted by Deckard View Post
What do I think about what the conservative party leader said?

I think it was mostly a headline grabbing exercise even though I agree with some of it.

On his desire for the boundaries of acceptable behaviour to be based around modern liberal notions of equal rights and then applied to every section of society - well yes of course, though it's hard to disagree with a nice cosy generality like that.

On his insistence that the state should never turn a blind eye to cruelty and crime out of some misguided sense of cultural sensitivity - yes I agree with him, and yes it's happened too often.

However it's quite an extrapolation to conclude that these mistakes mean that the entire concept of multiculturalism has failed - even moreso that this failure is somehow the fault of big government.

If Cameron really believed so strongly in what he said, why, for instance, is he pushing so hard for faith schools and the segregation of children from age 5 and up?

His decision to make this speech on the same day that 3000 EDL supporters held their scheduled march through Luton chanting such delightful slogans as "Allah, Allah who the fuck is Allah" only heightened that suspicion.

And let me make the now-standard point... had a fraction of the number of Muslims held a similar march with just one chanting a similar sentiment about, say, Christians, it would have been all over the front pages. That's the reality about the kind of climate we're living in - and he said nothing to acknowledge that.
Its suspicious that the conference is munich fell on the same day as the EDL protests? THat was the reason for his speech.

this clip shows what a UK muslim wants to happen in the UK. What do you think about what he says?

Do you believe that is air you are breathing?