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Re: Shooting in Arizona - right to blame Palin?
As I watched the coverage this past week I couldn't help but think to myself....

That thousands, hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of people died that day. What makes these people so special? Oh, she was a congress women, big deal. One was a nine year old, its sad, but there are other nine year old girls that die everyday.

And what sickened me most was that this was treated as if it were some national tragedy the same scope as 9/11. The news went on and on about it for days. What, was there no other news for those five days? No other people were innocent murder victims during those days? The media is pretty damn pathetic. It's not about the news, its about ratings and getting eyeballs in front of the TV by hyping it up as a huge tragedy.

No, it is not right to blame Palin. She is not responsible for the lonely guy who goes off the deep end and kills people.
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